Animating Creatures: Tip #1 – Don’t be intimidated by quadrupeds!

I often hear many animators not wanting to animate quadrupeds and it’s their least favourite thing to do. Quadrupeds can be intimidating and complex simply by the nature of having to animate something that is unfamiliar to us. Suddenly you have to animate four legs rather than two and make it seem natural. This is understandably difficult to us because it’s different to what we know. We are naturally more inclined and knowledgeable in animating humans, because we are humans, and therefore instinctively know how we should move. Then even if we aren’t sure we can always act it out and get a feel for the movement and translate it to animation. Quadrupeds are more difficult for this and more reference heavy. But fear not! They really aren’t as bad as they seem. [spirit-gallop.jpg] Continue reading